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Q: How long does it take for a VA disability claim to be processed?

A: The timeframe depends on the complexity of the claim. Generally, it takes an average of 12 months or more for a Veteran filing for disability benefits to receive an initial decision on his or her claim from the VA Regional Office. Because of the Gulf War and military operations in Iraq and Afghanistan, the number of applications for benefits has surged in recent years, contributing to the delay in decisions from the VA.

Q: Why are claims more complicated than in years past?

A: Medical advances fortunately have saved the lives of countless Veterans who, in the past, may not have survived. However, many of these injured Veterans now face a lifetime with chronic disabilities, leading to a significant increase in the number of VA disability claims filed. In addition, the claims filed are more complex, and often involve multiple disabilities, thus requiring additional time for development and decision making. Thankfully, an increasing number of Veterans receiving disability benefits are living longer lives. Unfortunately, many of these Veterans have to reopen their VA claims because of the progression and worsening of their disabilities, such as diabetes or ischemic heart disease.

Q: How does the VA decide on the amount of monthly compensation that a Veteran will receive?

A: The VA evaluates each service-related condition and assigns each service-connected (related to military service) disability a rating percentage between zero and one-hundred percent (0% to 100%). The VA must have evidence that your disability resulted from or occurred during your active military service. Based on evidence, including medical records and evaluations, and the level of impairment resulting from the disability, the VA assigns the disability a rating percentage. Monthly benefit amounts vary based on the combined disability rating percentage, as well as the Veteran’s marital status and number of minor children, if any.

Q: My service-related disability have gotten worse since I received my disability. What should I do?

A: If you are not satisfied with your service-connected disability rating percentage(s), you should consider filing a request for an increased rating. Our Veterans’ benefits lawyer advocates can assist you in filing a claim for an increased rating for a worsening service-connected disability.

Q: As the surviving spouse of a deceased Veteran, am I entitled to compensation benefits?

A: Surviving spouses may be entitled to Dependency and Indemnity Compensation if the Veteran died while on active duty or passed away from a service-connected disability. Surviving spouses also may be eligible to receive Death Pension benefits if the Veteran served during wartime. These benefits are based on financial need.

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